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Saturday, 21-Apr-2007 20:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Malam Mesra Alumni KUKUM-UniMAP

last weekend, pegi dinner alumni di Holiday Villa, Alor Setar.
to be honest, lg excited gi Perlis dr g dinner tu.
sbb tahap excited tu tinggi, ari jumaat kul 4 ptg dah chow dr office.
kononnya nk gerak awal dr island sbb takut jam atas bridge.
last2, member hilang wallet plak.
menggelabah la carik.
last2 jumpa jugak la, nk tau dlm mana? dlm plastik nescafe 3 in 1 dlm drawer.
gaman.. gaman.. hehe.
so gerak dr apartment aku dlm kul 6.15 ptg.
and as expected, jam cam haram atas bridge.
nak taknak beratur je la.
mcm2 ragam org nk cepat.
semua nk cepat.
itu nk cepat, ini nk cepat.
lebih kurang sejam, sampai la Perai, umah kylan & paa.
lepak2, sembang2, gerak dr Perai kul 9.45 mlm.
pecut2, smpai la perlis kul 11.15 mlm.
sampai2, terus gi kuala perlis, kononnya nk makan mentarang.
*mentarang ni sejenis siput yg hanya bole dijumpai di Perlis*
smpai pon dh lewat, dan mentarang pon dh sold out.
belasah ikan bakar je la.
tp tak mkn sgt sbb asyik nk termuntah.
minggu lps, semua benda mkn nk termuntah.
ntah psl ape ntah.
pregnant kot! hehe.
abis2 mkn kt kuala perlis, igt nk g lepak kt power plant.
tmpt kitorg slalu hang-out mcm kutu embun sambil meluahkan perasaan.
tp tak larat nk g mlm tu.
sorg2 muka toye.. semua mabuk bantal masa tu.
so blk tido.
pagi esok g mkn kt market.
tmpt best utk melantak pagi2.
murah dan best.
pagi tu aku rasa aku mkn roti canai sekeping, telur half-boiled 2 biji & kuey teow goreng.
pehh.. patut la gemok! hehe.
pastu dgn perut separa pregnant, g main futsal.
main futsal dkt 2 jam gak la.
mcm nk tercabut sendi ni rasanya sbb tak cukup org main.
so kiranya mcm main 2 jam full-time jugak la.
pastu blk, tdo!
baca btol2, tdo.. bukan mandi. hehe.
tdo dulu, dlm kul 6 ptg, bgn siap2 gi dinner.
konon nk gerak awal la, tp paham2 la anak bujang. huhu~
kt dinner tu takde pape sgt la.
just rektor tanya berapa gaji aku masa dia kasik speech.
aku jawab dgn manja, "sikit jeeee..." hehehe.
dlm hati ckp, "rektor nk offer gaji 5 ribu ke?".
berangan aje la keje aku ni.
masa dinner tu aku takde mood sgt nk amik gambar.
makan pon asyik nk termuntah je.
pelik tol perut aku ni.
member aku si gaman tu aje la yg godeh2 kamera aku.
ada potensi gak dia tu.
so dkt last2, baru la mood tu ada nk amik gambar.
amik mcm org sakai. hehe.
igtkan ada photographer kolej dtg dinner tu.
at least tak la segan.
tp aku sorg je.
belasah aje la.
perasan jugak ada mata2 liar yg memerhati.
masa tu rasa mcm nk lari je.
tp buat keraaaas! ehehe...
amik gambar kawan2.
gambar lecturer.
tp gambar aku? tarak!
beginila nasib si jurugambar tak berbayar.
takpe, aku happy bila kawan2 happy! ^__^
overall, sgt puas abiskan weekend bersama kawan2.
*eventho' gambar aku bersama kawan2 takde!! huh!*
ntah bila la bole buat cmni lagi.

more photos of the dinner please go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/noruazumi/sets/72157600114521546/
and please visit my other flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/candidciku
btw, i'm starting a small business of printing photos that i took.
photo will be in 8R size and will get free custom graphic design on the photos as well as photo touch-up based on customer demand.
photo albums & frame can also be arranged upon request.
please contact me at noruazumi(at)yahoo.com for price & details.

Sunday, 1-Apr-2007 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

this is the photo of my abah ("abah" means father) resting after doing some work around the house.

Wednesday, 10-Jan-2007 22:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Quan Duong's Birthday @ The Fish Market, Sunnyvale

currently, i'm working with Spansion's RDT (Reticle Design & Technology) team in Sunnyvale. it is their tradition to have a group lunch together whenever there's a birthday among the team member. so today on 10th January, it's Quan Duong's birthday. it was a lot of fun. we went to The Fish Market in Sunnyvale for lunch. later, we had chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice-cream! so these are a few photos taken and more photos available at my flickr or click here for the flickr slideshow.

#1: The Fish Market

#2: Dave Koon (left) & Hong Chun (right)

#3: Quan Duong, the birthday boy!

#4: Imelda Panem

#5: John Stanczak (left) & Peggy Cambria (right)

#6: Helen Rabago

#7: Alfonso Jee

Please click HERE for my flickr!

Wednesday, 3-Jan-2007 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is one of my roadtrip destination. It was a great experience!!! When I went there, the Grand Canyon was partly covered by snow! Can you imagine that? All the views were breathtaking. You can actually hike down to the very bottom of the canyon but it will take somewhere around 4 hours to go down & another 4 hours to hike back up but it will usually takes longer to hike back up. I actually managed to hike down but I stopped after 30 minutes journey!! You'll need strong legs, good hiking shoe & high motivations which none of them I got!! So, please enjoy this few photos of Grand Canyon as much as I enjoyed shooting them. I'll put up some more in the future onced I can overcome my laziness!!

There's a lot of ppl went to Grand Canyon that day. This is one of the viewing point. There's a few viewing point that you can go.

This is one of the best spot for me.

More canyon...

More rocks......

Mule's poo-poo along the way down.

The snow!!! Yeay!

Click here for more information on Grand Canyon.

Please click HERE for my flickr

Tuesday, 2-Jan-2007 04:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hoover Dam

"Planning is bringging future into present so that you can do something about it now"
Alan Lakein

You must be wondering why the heck did i put this quote for this entry, right?
Well, it is actually to let u know lack of planning will cause failure!!
I planned to capture sunset at Hoover Dam, last minute plan of course.
And guess what? I missed it. No surprise!
I spent too much time at Vegas & stuck in an hour traffic jam.
This is the only good thing to shoot at Hoover Dam. I can't see the Hoover Dam at all 'coz it was too dark!
So, lesson learned........

Click here for more info on Hoover Dam.

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